Each of us has a financial genius within us. The problem is, our financial genius lies asleep, waiting to be called upon. —Robert T. Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Welcome to FinancialHealing.net!

Coming into balance with money means more than balancing your checkbook, more than investing, retirement savings, a good job and a nice home.

We form many attitudes and habits around money during the courses of our lives, starting in childhood and influenced by all the environments we pass through along our paths. Attitudes such as the need to earn as much as possible, to own property and nice things, to borrow money so we can reach the next level of comfort often lead us into unhealthy relationships with money. Debt and the pressure to make more money can easily dominate one's experience in life, and money becomes an object in constant pursuit - an occassional overnight guest, but more often a ghost.

Through techniques of self-examination from core beliefs to current habits, financial healing can be obtained. Use the Money Management Medicine Wheel to explore your past relationship with money, the foundations of your habits. Recognize and acknowledge the fears you have around financial issues, and learn to get beyond them, opening a new space for financial freedom possibilities. Use it to look at your values, and what wealth (or the lack of it) means to you. Discover abundance, value and service - the things in your life that make you wealthy.

Our environment reflects and expresses the condition of our spirit and psychology. We can use Feng Shui to live in harmony with nature, express spiritual practices within the home or work environment and enhance conditions for prosperity or fortune. Using ancient wisdom, we can explore the connection between self and home, embodiment and manifestation to bring greater ease, joy and prosperity to our lives.

Through breathwork and chanting, the yogic Prosperity Meditations provide exercises to assist in transforming poverty into prosperity.

By following the exercises on this site, you will gain a firmer footing on your path to financial balance and stability. By becoming aware of the influences that drive your ways of being with money, you can come into healthy relationship with your financial future.

Prosperity and Abundance
by Mary Baxter

Humanity's birthright
Ever present, ever available, or
Ever elusive, ever non-attainable
More often
Somewhere in between

Each individual contributing to this website
Including you, our visitor,
Add to the consciousness
Of increasing
Prosperity and Abundance
For all

The visions of each method
To manifestation
Inner and Outer
Historically and Culturally

Provides an Abundance of Beauty
In the ways we can reach within
And manifest in our outer world.

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